Mustache Mondays

Mustache Mondays was a weekly event in downtown Los Angeles that was a space for members of the LGBTQ artists and creative people, especially those who did not necessarily fit in with the racially homogenous, pop-culture soaked aspirations of West Hollywood. I photographed the event on and off from 2011-2012.

The late Nacho Nava, creator and promoter, gave me almost total creative leeway. I first approached the event by using high-speed, grainy black and white film. While the resulting photos were an interesting juxtaposition to the flashy energy of the event, I didn’t feel they quite communicate my emotional reaction to the event, so the last photos I made of Mustache Mondays were made using the Hipstamatic app, which I felt was a more sympathetic visual medium.

The selected photos are presented as a narrative that corresponds to my memory of the general structure of the evening: arrival, catching up, performance, dance, looking for love (and its concomitant hopes and disappointments), and departure. The narrative structure is “bookended” by images that set the tone for arrival and departure.