Clifford Gagliardo is a composer and photographer currently studying at Bath Spa University. He was born in southern California to a multicultural family. He graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Music Composition in 2009. He has also worked as a photographer in Los Angeles and Berlin.

Clifford’s music and photography attempts to transport audiences and viewers away from modern anxieties of the clock, calendar and cult of productivity. Clifford first began to break away from equal divisions of time in his song The Image (2006), the time-scape of which was influenced by the sound of crashing and receding waves he heard growing up on the coast of southern California. In his portrait series Formal/Informal, Clifford asked his subjects to sit in absolute silence, as a counterpoint to the “loud” associations of the fashion photo shoot and the inescapable noises that pervade our daily life. Clifford’s most recent piece, Sympathies (2019), creates a temporal space dictated by the natural decay of sound in a piano string, as opposed to equal divisions of time derived from a clock.